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  1. Is the pattern a complicated one? If I'm making something in a lace weight yarn in a complicated pattern, I often make a swatch in a larger weight, like fingering or dk. That lets me get comfortable with the pattern, and lets me clearly see the architecture of both the stitches and the pattern without having to strain to see it in a tiny thread. Sometimes I make, say, a small scarf in a dk or fingering yarn, and then make the full-size project using the lace weight yarn. I too usually need to go up 2 or 3 hook sizes, so I've acquired a wardrobe of the Clover SoftTouch hooks, which are more comfortable to hold in the very small sizes. Finally, if the pattern doesn't include a clear picture of the finished piece, I try to find one online and print it for reference as I work. Saves me a lot of tears as I'm left-handed and have to do everything sort of backwards. I hope some of this helps, o' brave fellow crocheter. 😸
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