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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'm a details person. So, when I was off one stitch I got frustrated. Maybe I should just work the hat and chill out.🙂
  2. I bought the pattern off of Etsy. It's the Belmont Scally cap from StitchOfNature.
  3. Hi everybody! I'm a beginner crocheter and I've gotten stuck on a newsboy hat pattern. So here's the trouble. I start the hat with a magic circle, chain 2, and half double crochet 16 stitches, slip stitch to join. So far, so good. Next, ch2, ( 2 hdc in next st, hdc in next st ) x 8 times, ss to join. ( 24 sts ) The pattern says to slip stitch in the top of the first stitch of the round to join. Chain 2 in the beginning of the round does not count as a half double crochet. So, when I do that I end up with 23 sts instead of 24 sts. Do I crochet in the same stitch that I slip stitched into, do I count the slip stitch as a stitch? Am I not counting properly? What on earth am I doing wrong?!
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