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    Hi! I'm an "assembly angel" for a charity who makes blankets for the homeless, here in the UK. I have worked in knitting for over forty years, ran a small business exporting children's hand knitted jumpers to the US, and now have a thing for crochet!
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    Crafts, reading, walking, yoga, working!
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    Professional traditional upholsterer
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  1. It's very glamorous. I'm really interested to hear how you get on, and of course we'll need piccies of you wearing it. I love the feeling of pure cotton for garments. SJ x
  2. Aw ... hello all! Lovely to meet you. I'm just unpacking and sorting a huge bag of donated new wool and separating it into piles for our lovely team of knitters. How happy do you think I am!!! 😍
  3. I'm SJ, and I've just joined in from the UK. Looking forward to chatting about all things crochet. x
  4. SJ1

    Vicki O

    Hi Vicki! New member SJ here. I'm so sad to hear you're unravelling issue ... and bless you, after all that hard work too. As Kathy also asked above, is the unravel at the end of your work or is it right in the middle? There is a way you can simple create new stitches using a darning needle and form a new stitch a little like mending a hole in knitting. Are you able to do that sort of thing?
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