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    I love Harry Potter and I have a guinea pig
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    sewing, painting on wood stuff, crochet
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    about 2018 or early 2019

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  1. Sadly, I think crochetville is dying. I'm not going to be active probably at all on here anymore. I'm going to take a nice long break from crochet, I have finally finished with my doll orders. Goodbye, Isabel W. @USpolishgirlthis post wasn't meant to be rude, I simply wanted to let you all know. @Granny Squareactually it's the 17th, but soon! (Eeeeeeee!!!!) I do still enjoy crochet, but not my Joy dolls as I have now made and sold 8. I am planning a new doll line and maybe some sewn dolls. Hopefully someday if I come back it'll have been revived.
  2. Actually I've been on here before this, I'm not new
  3. Welcome! Oregon, you say? I lived in Grants Pass Oregon most of my life, from before I was one (born in California) to when I was 10! Now I'll be 13 next month. We live in Arkansas now.
  4. Hmm, I sell crochet dolls and if I were you I'd add it to the cost
  5. Oh! Is that doll made with crochet thread? I work with medium weight.
  6. This is a very good idea! I do amigurumi. Could the dolls look how the maker wants? Any specific size range? When do you need them by? I have custom orders to fulfill and Christmas gifts to make so I can't until the new year. If you want to see my dolls the fb page is Lilly Doll Designs and Instagram is @lilly_doll_designs
  7. A few days ago I got to see The Greatest Showman and it is hands down the BEST movie ever!!!!!!!!!! My favorite song in it is a million dreams and my favorite character is Anne. Have any of you guys seen it? Did you like it? P.S. Tampa doll, I know that this isn't the correct forum section, but it's right at the top and so it will be seen immediately.
  8. Yay! What is your username? I won't know if it's you unless you tell me. My older brother checks to make sure no weirdos start following me before I go on. He is @jacob.warner.55 he draws dinosaurs, he's really good at it!
  9. Hmm, I don't have that yarn but I'd love to test! I specialize in amigurumi. I have been at pipsqueak stripes fuzzy yarn I could use!
  10. What sort of patterns? I tried but couldn't find your etsy 😖 When I am thirteen I'm going to start an etsy
  11. I'm the youngest! I am 12 years old and will be thirteen in December. I ONLY do amigurumi, I can't stand even making a doll size blanket. I also sew and have just started needle felting. I had to make a fake birthday in order to get an account... shh! Lol
  12. I think that this would get more views if posted on Facebook. Most people here don't knit.
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