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    I love Harry Potter and I have a guinea pig
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    sewing, painting on wood stuff, crochet
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    about 2018 or early 2019

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  1. You would have to break the plastic or metal backing to remove the eye, and I don't think that a baby or toddler could do that 😕 although if they had a hammer.... 😂
  2. I was wondering, almost all store bought stuffed animals have plastic eyes, just like crochet. So why is there a difference?
  3. Hmm, those dolls aren't too common, but doing free hand is easy!
  4. Wow. I could never do that! A skein lasts me like 3 months at least and I have probably 20! Not to mention balls... I always love buying brand new yarn! My neighbor always tells me I can just use hers but I don't like to because it's always covered in cat (shudder) and dog hair😠
  5. Just curious, what sort of gifts will all of you be making for people? Also, I have a problem. I can't figure out what to give to my cousin, brother, dad, and uncle. Disclaimer, they won't want hats, sweaters, scarves or slippers. Any ideas? My dad likes fishing, my uncle like machines of all kinds, my cousin likes harry potter and Zelda, my brother likes airsoft and palio art. My brother is probably the hardest to gift of them all, he doesn't like very much stuff and airsoft stuff is very expensive.
  6. Oh, didn't mean to do the purple face...
  7. Hmm, that's happened to me before with an amigurumi pattern. I kept going and it turned out looking normaL
  8. Hi! I crochet dolls to sell. Instagram: @lilly_doll_designs Facebook page: Lilly Doll Designs Blog: lifeoflillyblog.home.blog
  9. I crochet dolls for business, and lately I have had ZERO desire to crochet. I am almost done with doll #1 of an order, but I have three more to go 😑
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