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  1. Rightly or wrongly, I decided to go with "Cuddly Bunny Clown" (https://images.app.goo.gl/F5DwQjSau3ip33XF9) All the suggestions were great, and I thank everyone who responded! The main reason I went with this one is simplicity. Except for the ears, it's probably the closest to the original clown, and the plan is that I will use the same color combo on this one as on the original, i.e., red body and ruff, yellow arms, white "hands", face and feet, red and yellow hat. The buttons, which are not on the original, will be yellow, and I'll probably sew the hat to the head as it is on the original, but haven't decided that yet. What this gives me is a doll that will be uniquely the new baby's, yet be "tied" to the original one via color and simplicity of style. It's "officially" 38 cm (15 inches) a bit bigger than the original (although I'm not certain if the hat counts as it's not attached in this pattern, but most likely it does). Given I tend to work tight, it should run an inch or so shorter. Thank you all SO much for your comments and advice, I GREATLY appreciate it! elaine
  2. Hahaha! Glad to hear that Sounds like the manufacturers etc wised up!
  3. Not sure, but personally, if I'm doing a toy for a small child, I would do crocheted or sewn on yarn features if only because of the potential that a plastic one could be more easily pulled off and swallowed. Now that said, I haven't done a toy like this in 40 years so maybe plastic eyes these days are different? The one I made didn't have an option, as I recall, the features were crocheted/sewn per the pattern. Maybe store bought ones are better embedded these days? Something else? I have no idea, but it's an excellent question and hopefully someone else can shed more recent light on this.
  4. I don't particularly like it just flat, personal opinion, that's all, I just want it to be stuffed, and my daughter would expect it to be stuffed too, to remind her more of hers. No other reason than that. What I REALLY want is a clown, tho, so I'll go back to that rather than try to essentially "redesign a design", just to keep it simple.
  5. Hadn't really noticed that, frankly, but your point is well taken. If I were forced to do a new body, of course I'd use sc, I completely agree. I do have a question in to the designer about a bellied version, but if it's not available, in the end I expect I can find other clown patterns. OTOH, it's for a baby and my daughter who does not crochet, and frankly wouldn't know the difference
  6. Whew! Thanks. No, I fully understood but nowadays I do so relatively little work, and then on items where size isn't crucial, it's not really worth it for me to do that, frankly. There's a huge difference between a 5" toy and a 12" one, but between a 12" and a for example 10 to 14" or so due to working tight/loose, not so much, and I can live with that.
  7. I just prefer the look, no other reason.
  8. Oh I'm so sorry, this particular messaging format is a lot different from others I mostly use and I'm still getting used to it. I thought I was answering the person who mentioned something about adjustments but upon reflection, it may have been about a different pattern, the arm length on one, I think, something like that anyway. My apologies again. (a bit later) It was actually a comment from Ellie 13 I thought I was responding to and it WAS about the monkey.
  9. I'm sorry I wasn't trying to criticize, seriously! I appreciate everything you said! And height is just a handy thing to know in advance for anyone looking for something in particular where it might matter as this does for me. I don't crochet all that much anymore, just booties for my daughter's friends, and haven't made anything else in many years. Skills, manual and mental, do get rusty. Your point about making a swatch is helpful, thank you.
  10. She said it was not stuffed, but I asked if she had a version or instructions to make it stuffable. I think tho, maybe even *I* might be able to add a belly elaine
  11. The monkey is definitely a cutie! And with the adjustments you mentioned, a definite candidate too! I've asked the author about the body, will report back what she says. I agree it's a bit ambiguous. elaine
  12. Heh! I"m not THAT talented I tend to work on the tight side, so as long as the item is big enough not to matter if it's a tiny bit smaller, it works for me The weird armed guy with arms to be lengthened (which I CAN do is a definite candidate, thanks! elaine
  13. Ah, interesting on the definition, probably just coincidental the ones I looked at were all tiny. Many do, thanks, but it would be helpful if folks consistently had the approximate finished dimensions on the photos. Agree on the hair! Hadn't thought about that yet, but easy enough to leave it off. Luckily the old pattern came hairless. The eyes (and hat) are sewn on yarn, not metal or plastic. I probably didn't think of that back when, but luckily the pattern specifically said to crochet them and sew them onto the head. But yes, we all know now of course that babies and youngsters and tiny metal/plastic things don't mix. elaine
  14. Thanks! So funny, turns out I HAVE this pattern Who knew? But still looking!
  15. I was able to find just 3 photos of the clown! Not the greatest photos, but you'll get the idea I'm sure. Very simple toy (And check out that '78 hairstyle on my hubs
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