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  1. Hello and thank you for your input. The next round does seem to indicate working into 12 stitches, increasing by 2 every other stitch: " Rnd 2: sc, 2sc in next st (18)" I feel like there are other instances like Rnd 1 where the number of stitches doesn't match up with how many stitches it asks you to work. Is it safe to assume that as long as I end up with an even and correct amount of stitches by the end of the round, I should be fine?
  2. Hello, I am a bit new to crochet, and a first time poster. I am reading a pattern from a book called "Woodland Crochet", and the instructions for the shell do not seem to match up with the amount of stitches I think they should produce. I haven't made it past Rnd 1 for the shell, but I made the head and legs of the tortoise without any trouble: " ch 6, start in 2nd ch from hook Rnd 1: sc, 3sc, 3sc in next ch, 3sc, 2sc in next ch" Already, I end up running out of chains to work in; I single crochet 4, then increase by 3 in the 5th chain, and I have no room to increase by 2.
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