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  1. Thank you, very much. I think I get it now. Loving this forum!
  2. Thank very much for taking your time to answer me. Let me clarify. I'm working in the round, making hexagons. The instruction do detail the number of stitches expected. The complete instruction is: Rounds 5-7 (7, 9, 9, 11): Rep Round 4. [23 (23, 29, 29, 35) dc for Side 1; 27 (27, 35, 35, 43) dc for all other sides] Thank you.
  3. Hello! I'm new in the crochet world and need some help understanding patterns. Up to now, I have been following video tutorials for beginners with some degree of success. Now I am trying to work with written patterns. Can you explain me what the instruction: Rounds 5-7 (7, 9, 9, 11) means? Up to this round everything was going fine. Thank you for your help.
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