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  1. Kathy!!! This kind of trick was exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you SO much. I have so many projects that this would work for and in the end would give it a much cleaner look. I'm SO excited now. Lol. Thank you SO much!!!
  2. Thanks Kathy! I'll give that a try. I was trying not to add any thickness to one side vs the other, but I don't know if I have much of a choice other than inserting new yarn which would end up with added thickness with weaved ends anyway. Thank again!!
  3. I have held onto this pattern for a LONG time. After several years- I finally felt confident enough to tackle it. But... I've been stumped on this part for awhile. I thought it may have been a mistake. I have never seen armhole shaping worked into the back by leaving stitches unworked on BOTH sides of the row. This one is written as follows for the back piece: "For the armhole shaping leave 4 sts each side unworked, then leave sts unworked every row as foll: 2 sts 3 times = 61 sts. Work even until piece measures 27"/69 cm from beg. For the shoulder shaping leave sts unworked each side 8 s
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