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  1. Granny square. Sorry for all the errors in the post. Thank you for your help
  2. I am making the sunshine jumper pattern from simply crochet magazine. I have the front and back finished but am very confused on the sleeve instructions. The instructions day to check 66 and as to top and fasten off. Then as to last stitch from body. Understand this part. Then it says my Dr in 4 stitch .com hook. He in next 64 chs, skip 3 st s (3 tr, Chandler 3, 3 tr) in next trip for in next trip he next trip rep 4 more times then do the rep one more then tr in next 15 cuz turn this gives 162 tr I know this magazine uses British terminology so I know it is dc i just can not figure out how this sleeve is suppose to be done. Any help would really be appreciated. The sweater is for my daughter. Thank you
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