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  1. Hello!! I am desperately seeking a pattern to make a cozy/sweater for my pet tortoise! There was a woman who sold patterns on Etsy but her shop is closed does anyone have any tortoise/turtle cozy patterns? Or any advanced folks that can help me figure out a written pattern? thank you in advance!!
  2. Hello all! I have a bit of an unusual question I am hoping to get some expert help with!! My grandmother was always a fantastic crocheter and my inspiration to start crocheting! She is now 97 and suffering from terrible dementia, and I am just sick that I never asked her for her pattern for these zig zag afghans I know they are not rocket science, but I’ve scoured the Internet for all sorts of patterns but none of them seem to be coming out the same as my grandmas 😕 Sadly, she cannot remember anything of the pattern - she remembers that she used to make them, and I even tried to bring her some yarn and a hook to see if we could tap into “muscle memory” but no so it would really mean a lot for me to be able to recreate these as closely as possible, and I think for my family too! I would love to make an Afghan for my grandma - she still remembers me and I think it would make her smile i took a bunch of photos of my blanket that she made over 20 years ago. I think the yarn is a 4 - but I took a photo of it next to an I (5.25mm) hook in case I misjudged the size. The stitches are not complicated, but I can’t tell if they are single or half double stitches? Also most patterns I’ve seen online have some sort of _____ stitches, then 3 stitches in the same stitch, then repeat _____ stitches, then skip 2 stitches to make the up and down pattern. I also can’t tell if the stitches are back row only maybe? ANY help or ideas would be really appreciated! Thanks so much everyone!!
  3. I am not new to crochet but new to reading written patterns :/ and I need some help please!! I am trying to make an afghan pattern from the Leisure Arts "Blocks & Strips" pattern book (pattern #2, "Simply Pretty" on page 6) I made the first round (ch 5 and join with slip st to form ring - then ch 1, (3 sc, ch 2) 4 times in ring) but am now totally stuck on Round 2! Round 2: (right side): Ch 3 (counts as first dc), turn; (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next corner ch-2 sp, dc in next sc, skip next sc, * dc in next sc, (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next corner, ch-2 sp, dc in next sc, skip next sc; repeat from * 2 times more; join with slip st to first dc, finish off: 24 dc and 4 corner ch-3 sps Please and thank you!!!!!!!! :)
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