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    Born in Argentina, have lived in the Unites States since 1965. Mother, grandmother and great grandmother
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    Tacoma, WA
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    Crochet, knit quilt and read.
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    Anything, from afghans to socks
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  1. I lived in Gold Beach for 7 years, eons ago. Migrated towards Portland in the 70’s and moved to Tacoma just 6 years ago. Children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. It is not that warm here, we have had a mild summer, only 1 week or a little but more of over 85. Happy about that. I’m trying to post some pictures of my crochet and knitting but I don’t know what I’m n doing. Oh, well. I’ll keep on trying. Never met a computer I didn’t like. We just have to become better aquatinted. Are you on the coast or inland? I’m trying to get a friend of mine to go to Winston to the Wild Life Safar
  2. Hello Cindy: I’m so new to this site that I’m not sure how to answer and if I’m answering to the right person. I hope I am. Where in the PNW are you.
  3. I hope you and your family are alright, my prayers are with all of you.
  4. Hello Villager, Aren’t we having fantastic weather? I feel for the people in Florid and the Carolinas. I’m getting antsy to start knitting again but my PT is not letting me do it, and I want to really feel good so I can start to do it again. I have, probably like everyone else lots of UFO’s, mostly in the knitting side, when I start to crochet something I usually finish it promptly. How far are you from Seattle? It would be great sometime to meet for a cup of coffee or just to crochet together.
  5. I just found this group and I love to converse with others that love crochet the way I do. I also knit and quilt. But since the beginning of July I have been unable to do anything due to tendinitis and bursitis on my right arm. Getting anxious to get back to it.
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