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  1. The embroidery on the book cover is such a great touch!
  2. Hello and welcome from Ohio!
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!
  4. Thanks! The pattern for the green one came from here. With a little finagling it fits most water/soda bottles. I take it everywhere now!
  5. I made this water bottle holder for my friend's 6yo because we were going to an amusement park on a hot day and needed to stay hydrated! It's not in the pictures but later I added a pink I-cord strap that went through the ears so the tension would keep them perked up and "pointy". Really happy with how clean the stripes came out. (The green one is mine. Needless to say I'm pretty jealous.)
  6. Hello everyone, my name is Lex! I'm in my late twenties and have been crocheting since I was twelve (I started with cardboard looms we made in art class at school). To this day it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've only ever done smaller projects (berets, hats, and water bottle holders), but I'm constantly learning and discovering more advanced techniques. Most recently I taught myself the Russian Join for scrap yarn, and the basics of interlocking/reversible crochet! I suffer from a dissociative disorder and trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair), so crochet is a na
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