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  1. Hello Crochetville, I'm about to finish my very first scarf, but this last few rows got me stuck.. So, appreciate your help and input on this :D. Source: https://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-scarf-patterns/cobalt-dreams-scarf/ SPECIAL STITCHES V Stitch: (dc, ch 2, dc) in same st Sh: (dc, ch 2, V) in same st. PATTERN NOTES This scarf is worked all in one piece. The pattern starts with a long rectangle of ribbing. The short ends of the rectangle are connected with single crochet stitches to form a loop. From there, the body and ruffle of the scarf are worked flat. PATTERN Ch 26. Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc in each ch across. Rows 2-13: Ch 1, turn, sc in BLO of each st across. Repeat 12 times. Row 14: Fold the short ends of the rectangle together and sc in each row to join. Row 15: Ch 3, turn, dc 3 in same st, dc 2 in next 11 sts, dc 3 in last st. Rows 16-55: Ch 3, turn, dc in each st across. Repeat 40 times. Row 56: (Ch 4, turn, V) in first st (counts as sh), (sk 2 sts, sh in next st) 8 times, sh in last st. Row 57: (Ch 4, turn, dc) in first st (counts as V), sc in next dc, (sh in sc, sc in second dc of sh) across, V in third starting ch of last row. Rows 58-63: Repeat rows 6-7 3 times. Row 64: Ch 1, sc, (ch 3, sc in second dc of next sh, ch 3, sc in next sc) across. Finish off. What got me stuck: I'm in row 57, in this "...(sh in sc, sc in second dc of sh) across," does this mean I have to crochet SH on top of SC? I've tried to do it, but it seems like quite hard since the hole is so small. Still in row 57, "V in third starting ch of last row," so in the pattern row 56 starts with CH 4, do I need to put my V stitch on the third CH of that CH 4? Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Hello Crochetville, How are you guys doing? My name is Nia, from Jakarta (Indonesia). I'm a newbie crocheter and literally can't put my hook down. Never thought before crocheting can be so fun and relaxing. I'm so excited to find Crochetville, pretty sure I'll have a good time here :D.
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