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  1. I love the link you provided it has so many more pics and visual instructions on the braid.
  2. Yes there is a page with symbols for each stitch and that has really helped.
  3. Thank you! There is actually three pages of rows to this project and a diagram on the fourth page of the stitches so that has really helped to follow easily. Thanks your suggestions on the braid. I have pulled out my work three different times so far but, I find that has helped me to understand the steps in the pattern. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions. I can’t wait to finish this project and to see the final project.
  4. Thank you! I so glad I found this site. I’ve made five afghans so far and they weren’t to complicated. I decided to try something else since I’ve made afghans for my husband, son and friend. I'm sure you’ll be hearing from me again. Super excited to start this project. A.
  5. Oh ok thank you for explaining this? I thought I was ready for easy level 2, maybe not. Thanks again! Have a good evening. Ann
  6. Hi - I am new on this site. I am a fairly new crocheter. I have a question on a pattern I just received. The pattern is from Lion Brand. I understand what the parentheses mean but this one has me stump. Could someone help me understand the instruction? Working into the magic loop, ch 4(counts as 1 dc + 1 ch here and throughout), dc 2, ch 3, dc 2, ch 1, dc 1. (6 dc, 2 ch-1 so, 1 ch-3 sp) my question is what is in parentheses. It doesn’t tell me what chain to put this cluster in. Help! Ann
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