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  1. If you make this doll, show me the photo) These are the dolls obtained by this pattern.
  2. Angel 18 centimeters = 7.08 inches
  3. Thank you I will share with you and other patterns a little later!)
  4. Your dolls are super too! I have never seen such beauties!
  5. Thank! I am always happy to help and share my secrets.😉
  6. Hi, Crochetville! My name is Еlena. I live in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) I have three daughters. Three princesses. They inspired me to try to crochet) And I did it! I've been crocheting for 4 years now. I create author's crochet patterns. I like to create toys and dolls. Now this is not a hobby, but a favorite job) My hobby now is orchids. I don't know English well (I only know technical), but I'm learning! I hope you take me to your company to share the secrets of crocheting and learn English! Thanks for the hospitality!
  7. This is a very gentle angel) Thank!
  8. Thanks for the compliments to my work!)
  9. Summer projects - bags Pattern My bags
  10. In my house, such a decor Collection "Keepers of the hearth" "Keepers of the hearth" - these are handmade interior toys, the purpose of which is to decorate, protect the house, as well as give the most positive emotions. I ready these toys for a present, ready for a specific person, so I try to find common features between the toy and the hostess)
  11. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked my pattern)
  12. CROCHET PATTERN "Christmas Angel" When using recommended yarn and hook, the size of the turns out 18cm NECESSARY MATERIALS: ✓Yarn for body – YARN ART Jeans № 05; ✓Yarn for clothes - ALIZE Softy №62; (any other yarn can be used) ✓Filler - hullfiber, 20g; ✓Hook №2; ✓Scissors; ✓Needle for stapling parts; ✓Helical eyes 0,6 mm, 2 pcs.; ✓Hair-7 cm HEAD With skin color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts)
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