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    Married, three kids that seem to be nearly as old as I am, retired, enjoying life.
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    Eastern Canada
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    Flight simulation, crocheting, model boat building, music (playing keyboard)
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    Hmmmmm 65 years off and on

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About Me (My Story)

I am retired from the Telephone industry where I began my employment as a technician in the early 70s. Prior, I was a RADAR (Air) tech in the Canadian Armed Forces (RCAF) where I was stationed at CFB Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Born and raised in a small community (Rockville) just South and West of the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia., I realized that i needed to seek my employment elsewhere hence the Royal Canadian Air Force was made my place of employment beginning in 1962.

at the age of twenty, I married my wife - Mary and was responsible for three children, Barbara, Blair and Gary. Together, they have produced 8 Grandchildren, 4 Great Grandchildren with yet one more on the way.

in February, 2019 I underwent open heart sugery for a single bypass and repairs to a faulty Mitrel Valve - both successful. As a result of the surgery, I was in arrhythmia so a procedure known as cardio version was performed. This is a medical  procedure where the heart is shocked to stop it. After, it restarts on its own (hopefully) in sinus rythm.

so, here I am!

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