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  1. Have finally admitted defeat on the oval tablecloth. After thousands of stitches, it will make a reappearance as a rectangular tablecloth arranged to fit an oval table. It is quite humbling to be beaten by a pattern, but because the complete pattern for that oval tablecloth was not understandable by me, its not entirely my fault, lol. here is my new venture done in granny square style - no offense to anyone with that name that nay see this post. Note that the pattern also includes an angled or half motif which allows this tablecloth to lend itself to round, oval, square or rectangular tables.
  2. This tablecloth will be for my 32 year old Granddaughter. Four years ago she was diagnoses with breast Cancer and underwent rounds of chemotherapy followed by double mastectomy. In November 2018 she underwent reconstructive surgery. The mastectomy meant that three of her lymph nodes had to be removed as well leaving her with a compromised immune system and is now prone to infections. Preop testing also showed that she had a small brain tumor which was successfully removed. now recovering from this ordeal, she just moved into her own apartment and she has an oval kitchen table. Knowing that I crochet, she asked me if I could make her a tablecloth. This is a huge project that I willingly undertook and the chart pattern is one that I found online. The actual colour is a dusty rose which is her favourite colour. much more to do on it yet but I hope to have it finished for her as a Christmas gift.
  3. Hi Diana thank you for the link. I see that the pattern is written instructions versus chart which is fine with me. Although i am disappointed that I likely would not be able to finish my original project, I will likely give this on a go. thanks again.
  4. Oh dear! Oh dear! I may be in big-time trouble here. I was naive enough to believe that this was the entire pattern... now in all likelihood it may be spread over two diagrams which I am doubtful that even exists on Pinterest. I shoulda known! back to the drawingboard.
  5. This pattern in Polish is telling me something, but I am not getting it: On the outer edge are areas marked “A”, “B”, “AA” and so on. Also, Rows 21, 22 and 23, there are notations 1A or 21 (lub means or in Polish) 2A lub 22, and 3A. can someone enlighten me on this please and thank you. L
  6. Hi to all I am new to Crochetville and via the help board have already met several people willing to help me sort out a problem starting this particular oval tablecloth that I want to give to my granddaughter. It turned out that there was a mistake or better put an omission in the base chain. Between all that helped, we found the problem. The chart pattern is in Polish (I think) so this presents another challenge 😁 why this particular tablecloth? As far as I can determine, there are not a whole lot of patterns for this type of table and many if whai I found could be modified to whatever size you need. I am by no means an expert at crocheting. I learned from my mom many years ago and have been crocheting for many of my 77 years on this earth. I love the hobby. As a matter of fact, I have produced somewhere around 18 - 20 tablecloths, round and square - all given to family and friends. so, without further ado, and for those interested, here is what I have done so far on the oval. When finished, I will post the completed project. Oh yes ... did I mention that my granddaughters favourite colour is pink?
  7. You are right...getting older kinda sucks. At 77, I am doing what I can right now. After a single bypass, repair to the mitral valve and finally a cardio version I consider myself very lucky to take a breath.
  8. Lol..I have until Christmas to finish the oval one, not this one. This one I wanted to present to my Sister end of Aug. I don’t think I’m going to make that date.
  9. It has been a headache at times. If something interrupts your thinking, it results in a mistake in the mesh. It usually is not noticeable till the next round and ..... YERK!!! You gotta rip out about 3\4 hrs of work. Here is some of my other work but not all. Do you now believe that I love this hobby? One of my favourites - Enchanted Forrest For my Nephews wedding about 12 years ago. It is 72” This was from a placemat pattern on a crochet cotton label. I simply made one master and joined all the rest by crocheting the last round of each to the master. For one of my other granddaughters to put away in her dowrey. Have made three of these for family friends. wish now that I had taken pictures of all my tablecloths. I think my first one was called Sunflower Field. All patterns came from the internet.
  10. Thanks, bgs. Yes I certainly will post “build” pictures. The remainder looks pretty straight forward and hopefully it will be ready for her for Christmas. In the meantime, I need to finish this one for my sister. Had hoped to present it to her end of August, but its 68” diameter for her 46” table. As you can see, it is fillet style and the pattern is called Giant Hibiscus.
  11. I think that I have got it! Here is rounds 1 - 5 and no problems have reared their ugly heads ... so far. I think I could go with a #9 hook and may try that on my “for real” project. I need to quit the practice session as it is a lot of work and all chocked up to nothing more than testing. So...here is what I have done and it was a great learning experience.
  12. Hi Granny Square..nice to meet you. yes, its hard to predict how a modification to one round can affect other rounds. However, I have tackled some pretty difficult patterns and ended up ripping out three or four rounds to fix a problem. I am retired, have lots time (may not be my better half’s opinion) and as far as I know, Im not going anywhere. To make this better, I am persistent and not easily discouraged. FORWARD HO! I guess its another way of saying “ Damn those torpedos, full steam ahead!
  13. Brenda I have just addressed that issue and have posted a new image to show the extra loop. To me, it looks much better. Heres how I did it in text form and picture form How I Did It Base Chain IMAGE 1 Ch 90. Dc in 16th ch from hook. (this is the 74th chain). This will make the 9th loop. Ch 8, dc in 8th ch from the sc just made. This makes the 8th loop *Ch 8, dc in 8th ch from the sc just made* This makes the 7th loop Continue from * to* until there are 8 loops total. There should be 13 or 14 unused chains left on the tail end of the chain. If not, you can use the tail end thread to make or remove required sts. Ch 3, join with ss to the last ch of the tail end of the base chain.* this makes the 1st loop. Ref image 2 *You may need to adjust the no of unused chains so that when joined with the ss, the joining point must be slightly to the right of the centre of the upper chains. (this is the “x” on my drawing) IMAGE 1 90th chain and 16th ch from hook <—- V O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O .......... Upper chain 8th loop | dc 9th loop O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O .......... Lower chain ——> \ ——-> 74th Ch IMAGE 2 1st loop. 2nd loop. 3rd loop O O O O O X O O O O O O O O O O O O ........... O | | O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O ........... Speaking of better, I had better remember exactly how I did this practice session because I have to recreate it in granddaughters favourite colour ...... pink! will keep this updated as I go, or run into another roadblock. what a great place this is! Love it!
  14. EDIT: have just noticed that the swatch is not symmetrical. I have always noted that there is usually some symmetry to crochet work. This is not. There seems to be a loop missing in the chain section. One more loop would be a total of nine loops with loop 5 being the central loop. Am I crazy or could there be an error in the chart? Wouldn't be the first time that I have been stopped cold in my tracks because of a pattern error that I had to figure out. Further to this (but not so important), in R1, the beginning shells in loop 1 and loop 8 seem to consist of 3tc, ch3, 2 tc except for the first shell which is is a ch4 (for the 1st tc). Looking at the pattern, I don't suppose any harm would come of making all shells 3tc, ch 3, 3tc. Thats the way they continue in R2. (see modified screenshot above)
  15. Thank you ladies for answering my plea for help. I think that I have managed to figure this out. Here is what I have come up with with size 1 cotton and my trusty #7 US hook. It contains the mystery chain centre plus round 1. It seems to lie flat, so I am guessing it is somewhere close. If anyone is interested, I will post what I did and how I came up with the result. Also the link for the chart for the tablecloth. thanks again to all.
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