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  1. Libits2

    Curling Edges

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well! I’ve amassed a LOT of crocheted hats and scarves which I plan on giving to the Salvation Army this fall. As I was going through them, I noticed that some---but not all---of the scarves have curling edges. They’re the ones that have been worked the long way but again, not all of them. It appears that it’s only some of the stitches that do this. Some lay perfectly flat. Does anyone know what causes a curling edge? Thanks so much!
  2. I'm making hats and scarves for the Salvation Army, so small projects.
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Caron Simply Soft! The problem is, I've made something in every single color/verigetion they have so I'm looking for something new.
  4. Hi everyone! Since I can’t get out to “pet” any yarn, I’ll need to order some. Do you have any recommendations for SOFT yarn? I don’t care for sports weight yarn and I absolutely do NOT want the scratchy stuff like Red Heart SuperSaver. Stay well and safe!
  5. Libits2

    Buried Stitch

    Hi everyone! I like to make hats for the Salvation Army. Many hat bands call for the band to be a SC in BLO which gives it a nice ribbed effect. But no matter what I do, it’s like the last stitch of the row gets buried and it’s hard to get to. I don’t crochet tightly at all yet no matter what I try…loose last stitch from previous row, loose turning stitch…doesn’t seem to matter, it still gets buried. I hope this makes sense. I prefer to work with Caron’s Simply Soft yarn.
  6. But can the "pounders" get pulled from the center interior? I don't mind the collapse. Right now, the dog is irritated at how often it hits her in the head when it's flying around.
  7. Hi all! Hope this finds everyone healthy and well! I’m now working off my 4th ball/skein of Puzzle Premiere yarn which has a lot of yarn. I don’t mind the yarn and it comes in great color combos but I really dislike how the yarn “pulls.” I’ve looked several times to see if I can pull the yarn internally instead of having this big ball of yarn rotating and flipping all over the place by having to pull it from the outside of the skein. Does anyone know if that’s an option for this brand of yarn?
  8. Hi everyone! I just finished a shawl and since it will be donated to a hospice center to be sold for their own profit, I want to make sure it’s attractive and sellable. I don’t think I need to block it because the dimensions are fine but it needs………….something. You know what crochet projects look like when you lightly run your hand over them and make everything perfectly flat? That’s what I want. How do I accomplish that? I have a small steamer if that will help. Or a light ironing?
  9. Wow! You gals are good! This is, indeed, Bernat baby yarn and I found it on Amazon. I really only needed white. If there's a difference in the whites, I'll throw in a couple of rows of purple to break it up. Thanks so much!
  10. Hi everyone. I unearthed some very old yarn and decided to make something out of it. It turns out I'm going to need a bit more of it but I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone identify it? I believe it would be either Caron, Red Heart, or Bernat. It's pretty old so it wouldn't be one of the newer brands or was called a brick or a cake (or whatever). Bernat Baby Sparkle Yarn-White is close but it doesn't have the wiggles that this does.
  11. Thanks Villager. I think you might be onto something with no where for them to go. And really good other suggestions and thoughts. Next time I get to this part, I'm going to work a bunch of rows on practice yarn. Live and learn!
  12. I’m making an Aran afghan for my daughter. The center piece was in a stitch that neither my daughter nor myself liked so I substituted the Bobble (or puff) stitch for it. Although I followed the directions faithfully, that center piece became terribly rippled. I didn’t follow my instinct and stupidly resumed the rest of the afghan hoping that one day I’d wake up and the ripple would be gone. It never was. Now I’m ripping out 12” of labor-intensive stitching to redo the bobble. My question is, what did I do wrong that it became rippled? Here’s the stitch I used: *YO and draw up a loop 3 times all in stitch indicated YO and draw through all 7 loops on hood DO NOT close the stitch, just move onto the next stitch SC in next stitch Repeat from *across The next row is the same
  13. I was an avid crocheter but dropped out for approximately 20 years until I unearthed my old Boye crochet hooks. I was surprised to see all the new hooks on the market. The garden variety Boye works for me. They're not fancy but they've spawned some really great afghans. I don’t find it inconvenient switching between the hooks at all. My language is much cleaner when I do. For example, when doing a front loop only reverse single crochet (used to be called the Knurl stitch), I found that the inline hook didn’t split the yarn at all. However, when I had to work the unworked loop, the inline made me crazy so I switched to the tapered. After my 20 year hiatus, I had no idea there were discussions about the different hooks so thanks for the info. It sounds like the kind of discussion between quilters: to pre-wash fabric or not. It can get pretty interesting!
  14. Hi everyone! I’m curious how many of you prefer an inline to a tapered hook. The inline hook seems to not quite grab the yarn as easily as a tapered hook but it seems to not split the yarn as easily as a tapered hook does. The yarn for my current project splits easily so depending on the stitch, I find myself switching between the two. Does anyone else routinely switch hooks or do I just need more practice with the inline hook?
  15. Libits2

    Celtic Weave

    From someone that's tried it, my advice is to just keep admiring it.
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