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    baby stuff short and sweet
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  1. they are from the booties by the dozen book http://www.123stitch.com/cgi-perl/itemdetail.pl?item=LA3243
  2. I love these booty patterns:c9 Here are a couple new ones I made. sorry these are only links. I usually like to put a thumbnail link to image, but it wasn't working.
  3. great set, some little boy is a very lucky guy.
  4. very pretty, beautiful work.
  5. that is adorable, some little girl is going to be very lucky.
  6. ananasso

    Thread sizes

    I have found that the thread size 5 in Italy is almost the same if not exact to the US 10 thread, so that problem is solved. I guess one just has to be really forceful of what you want in this country. I mean, I literally had to pick up the thread and say 3 times that this is what I want this exact ball, and the lady still kept on looking. I think I will try more stores the selection is atrocious here. God bless the USA, everything little thing is just so much easier there.
  7. very pretty, you did a great job and what a lovely model:manyheart
  8. thanks for your suggestions I hope it works:manyheart
  9. that is beautiful, it looks so delicate she will love it.
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