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  1. I know you say any afghan is acceptable, but would you prefer rectangular or square afghans? This round ripple/Jacob's ladder was really fun to make, but I'm wondering if I need to tone down the colors and make a few square afghans?
  2. Thanks Granny Square - I think you are right on all counts. This was definitely a "that is soooo cool - I wanna make it!", but I don't think it's as practical as a square or rectangular blanket. I mean, I made kitty butt coasters once, just because - worked great as a white elephant gift, but not really for everyday use. I'll contact the organizer of the Charity Drive and see what she recommends. Her "blanket sizes" file basically said - "I will take whatever you make", but I'd like to make things that are more mainstream so people aren't left going, "how do I use this?"
  3. That is gorgeous! Just Wow!
  4. After much hand-holding and very good advice, I finished my first afghan for the Crochetville Charity Drive! It's 24" from peak to peak, makes my eyes go a little wonky with all the contrast, and doesn't have the holes in the peaks that I dislike so much. I'm starting on my next one, maybe with only 2 colors and bigger stripes. I used Michael's Soft n Shiny (https://www.michaels.com/soft-and-shiny-yarn-loops-and-threads/M10273080.html) in Aqua/White/Black and some gray acrylic worsted weight from my stash. Oh, and I used an H hook. It's CroJulee's Jacobs Ladder Round Ripple Afghan Pattern, but with a few changes. 1. Magic Circle with 16dcs to start. 2. Replaced the shell (Dc, Ch2, 2Dc) with 5Dc to get rid of the hole in the peaks.
  5. It's done! 24" from peak to peak and 20" from valley to valley. I checked the Charity Drive and round blankets are usually 24-26". Thank you so much for your help - I still had to mess with the beginnings of Row 2 and 3 (replaced shell with 5dc, but that meant I had to ch3 and do 4dc in the same st so the 5dc cluster would match the rest). After Row 3, it was smooth sailing. Quick question - if I did this all in white, would it be okay for a bereavement afghan? Or should I stick with rectangular white afghans?
  6. The 5dc replacing the shell worked great - here's what I've got so far. It's about 20" from tip to tip. I'm making it for the Charity Drive - how big should it be? 24"? It's pretty squishy, but might be too heavy for a bitty preemie.
  7. Thank you for those links. If I don't want the hole at the peak (shell - 2 dc, ch2, 2dc), could I do 5 dc instead? The next row, I would do the 5 dc in the 3rd dc (middle of the previous 5dc), right?
  8. I'd love to buy this pattern from craftsy.com, but they don't have it anymore. Is there anywhere else I can get it? I love the round ripple without holes and also want to add ladders to the valleys like this afghan:
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