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  1. Cindy, I meant to state my deepest empathies to your in-law family/family on their loss. Marisa, great progress on the deck! Have a great weekend. Brenda, that much activity would have me writhing in pain....got me in trouble yesterday. Sounds like a whirlwind of activity and accomplishments. Happy Anniversary! Again, have a great weekend all.
  2. Beautiful. The colors are pretty. My niece had a birthday recently so I gave her the Phoenix blanket on Monday. She loved the colors and especially the stitches/texture.
  3. I've wanted to make this for years. I have a little girl in mind or I may make another for her and send this to Appalachian Outreach. Mary Maxim kit with pattern. I changed the outfit a bit and added a hat. Different color blanket. My gauge was way off from pattern....I adapted.
  4. Lucky girl. I'm sure she'll be tickled when she sees it. Cindy, love seeing your Barbie doll clothes creations. Everybody, enjoyed reading your posts and life news. Feel like a toothache today, various parts are aching and burning=not talkative. Have a great rest of week and weekend.
  5. Hot hot hot the humidity is the worst I ever remember. Baby gs here today. Have a great day everyone
  6. You might be able to locate it here--> https://www.interweave.com/the-new-patternworks/ There's a phone number that you can try tocall and ask if they have that pattern number.
  7. I just recently saw one, but I was looking for something else, so no idea where I saw it. I ended up choosing a Mary Maxim pattern kit after satisfying myself that was my preference. πŸ™‚ Sooo, many patterns available. I vaguely remember a cat one in a magazine from years ago, maybe Crochet World.
  8. https://www.etsy.com/listing/613670329/cat-blanket-crochet-pattern-crochet-baby?ref=shop_home_active_34 or maybe this... http://www.dailycrochet.com/free-pattern-this-cats-afghan-is-absolutely-fabulous/
  9. Good news brothers house should be ready by end of October 😊. Dh worked on another statue today scraped about 2 pounds of old paint off now it’s ready for painting-next trip. Took a photo of eagles today.
  10. https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/how-to-read-crochet-pattern
  11. I learned to crochet on Boye, but when I tried Bates several years back that's the hook I prefer and dislike Boye, now. The length is perfect as well, I have large hands and I hold the hook in what some call the knife-hold. Wonderful to have choices so everybody can use what works best for them. πŸ™‚ I also have a set KP wood hooks with an inline hook design. Sometimes, I switch to them depending on the yarn.
  12. Calling this one finished at round 72. Going to wash and dry and then wrap it up. Some day I'd like to make another, perhaps with less colors.
  13. down memory lane on PnC today....
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