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  1. I knew I was struggling to maintain focus but didn’t want to stop. (Sometimes helps during pain episodes). Was glad to go back and get it right. It’s on a small table with figurines now. 🙂PS I finished the candlelight too. SIL was tickled along with the other items. We received some more pepper relish. Grin
  2. I goofed on row 5. The pattern is clear but my brain refused to follow. 99 Little Doilies. Pg 9 I like the spider stitch in this one. Under 6 inch wide 10inch long.
  3. Well I thought I could fudge to the finish line. Lol. Need to go back to row 5 or 6. Ended up with too many chain spaces. This is a Patricia K oval doily, #5. Working on scarecrow and JB bears in between. Have a great weekend
  4. Added a brighter better photo. Rainy day today, enjoying my table
  5. Love this time of year. In the mid 50s this am. Time to get those pumpkins stuffed. Have a great day all.
  6. Trying out Selena’s suggestion on Indian corn using Fall yarn color and mixing with some yellow and orange here and there. Making another bear then I’ll start on my scarecrow Any progress on others projects? New wips old wips or plans to start a new project.
  7. Thought about it, completed as a cob, it’s just waiting for me to tie the husks. Sitting with the pumpkins on the table. 🙂
  8. Reni that multicolor pumpkin what yarn was that if you remember.
  9. I saw that corn pattern some years ago. I decided to turn my experiment into a skillet handle cover. Back to making little bears 🐻
  10. I have a skein of the “Fall”. Kinda lost interest
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