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  1. Thank you so much Granny Square, I really appreciate the help, and the link to AntiquePatternLibrary.com. I will probably kill a few days over there, you are right, there is just soooo much to look at. We are going to give the shawl a try like you suggest, doing a modified shell stitch in the back loops of the row below and see how that goes. thank you again, CWC
  2. Hello everyone, I am new here, and hoping somebody can point me in the right direction for this shawl. This shawl was worn by Niamh Cusack, playing Beatrix Potter on the animated peter rabbit movies, and we really love the pattern but are having trouble finding anything like it. Does any one know what this stich is? or where we could find a pattern for a shawl like this? Is this crochet? or could this be a knitted shawl? Sorry the pictures are so blurry, they are screen shots from the DVDs and not very good resolution. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I have looked everywhere, and not seen a similar pattern. Thanks in advance, CWC
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