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  1. Hi. I was weaving in my ends for a vintage style potholder I was making for my twin sister when my work got scrunched up and too tight and all I did was weave in the ends by going through the sides without the ends from the color changes I made in my work. The same thing happened when I was weaving in the ends of a doily I was making by following a crochet pattern on YouTube that was in Russian and all I did was weave in the ends twice in the parts where it was all double crochet in the round. Can you please help me? I need advice for weaving in ends in crochet so my work doesn't get scrunched
  2. Thanks! I chose the Union Jack for the dress for Wrinkles, who is the Beanie Baby wearing this dress, because he's an English Bulldog and they originated from the UK.
  3. Thanks so much! I worked hard on it and it was my first ever crochet project using tapestry crochet.
  4. Hi! I’m very happy to show you the Union Flag dress I crocheted for my Beanie Baby bulldog, Wrinkles, a long time ago using tapestry crochet in the round. I love you, Wrinkles! I hope that you all enjoy! Thanks for taking a view!
  5. Thanks and I always do. It’s really nice that there’s people who enjoy crocheting things to donate to charities. I bet that anyone who has anything that was crocheted by you will always be thankful for what you made them.
  6. Thanks so much! I enjoy crocheting doll clothes because it helps save me from wanting to buy doll clothes and I have a few dolls that didn’t come with clothes when I got them and whenever I take the clothes off the dolls, they get jumbled up together into piles of different kinds of doll clothes, but I’m now doing better with organizing my doll clothes by keeping the clothes and accessories in little bags so I don’t lose them. I also want to make doll clothes and patterns for doll clothes to sell on my Etsy shop that I want to reopen someday. By the way, it’s always nice that I get compliments
  7. Hello, my name is Erica, but you can call me Mickey if you'd like. Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies and whenever I crochet, I either use a pattern or try to make my own pattern(s) by myself. Crocheting was running in my mom's side of my family since my Mom crochets and my Grandma and my Aunt Ruth used to crochet. My favorite things to crochet are doilies, doll clothes, and granny squares. I also love to crochet edgings on doll clothes as well to make them look pretty. I've crocheted doll clothes for Barbie dolls, Bratz dolls, La Dee Da dolls, 11-inch Sunny Day dolls, Monster High dolls
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