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  1. Pattern : ( sc5,sc2tog) 6 times. Loop stitch every other stitch on even rounds. Can you explain how to count this with the 2tog stitches. I assume I’d sc, then loop, then sc, then loop, then sc—-then 2tog. Is the 2tog counted as one stitch ( stitch 6) meaning the next st would be starting my next 5 stitches??? And if it is stitch 6, then is it a loop stitch????
  2. Looking at pattern for crochet dog—-and need help with this part Rnd 13. Sc2 Fudge, sc3, sc2tog, sc5, sc2tog, sc1, Black, sc1, sc3, sc2tog( sc5, sc2tog) twice fudge (30) my question is when to change color, and for how many stitches. I start with fudge but am not sure when to change to black—then when to change back to fudge can you help me with this. Ive made quite a few animals but just wasn’t sure about this color change.
  3. I’m a little confused on the yarn to use for Edwards menagerie animals. The chart states for standard size is (US) light worsted/8 ply. The yarns have a number, 4,6,8,etc. the #4 says medium. Is this the correct size for standard size animals??? Are all yarns marked with #4 the same size??
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