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  1. Yes that looks what I have been doing. Would you be able to provide a little more explanation about what’s happening in the latter photos please as I’m not quite sure what’s happening?
  2. l0g0p7


    Thank you both Donna and cshort for your warm welcomes. I don't suppose you were able to have a look at my question post?
  3. l0g0p7


    HI Brenda, Oh! ok cool. I'll have to have a look at that section and maybe post a few things Thank you for the warm welcome Luke
  4. Hi Brenda, yes that is how I am making them. same instructions in the book I'm reading from. It could be that but I kinda have to leave those (the 2 main strands of wool coming from the centre) loose otherwise the chain 3 space from round 1 will be pulled into the middle and there won't be a space there. This is were I am becoming stuck.
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble working a dtr (double triple crochet) in my Jeannine square. I can do the dtr itself but I don't get the same result as in the book. Quote from "The Granny Square Book 2nd edition" regarding the dtr "1 dtr, inserting hook from front to back, going in the beg ring and between the groups of dc" (there are 2 groups of 2 dc in round 1) Picture 1: My work showing 2 strands of wool/yarn and then the stitches which is not what I want Picture 2: Picture taken from "The Granny Square Book 2nd edition" which shows the stitches going down almost to the ce
  6. Hi, I'm Luke. I'm a beginner and I'm currently working my way through The Granny Square Book 2nd edition
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