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  1. You're right, thank you I did one round now with this method and it seems right so far. Funny, when in doubt I try to count the stitches and figure out what I should do basing on that, but it is easy to lose count; I never thought about plotting it out, that's a simple but very useful idea, thanks
  2. Thank you for answer! Unfortunately I can't tell from the photo what it should be. I'm trying to make this little guy: https://www.hoooked.co.uk/images/public/productlarge/pak134-hedgehog-hazel-2-resized(0).jpg And the bobbles should be his spikes. But I can't see how exactly are they made. I guess I will try this method with split legged bobble, and I will see how it turns out Hopefully once I make couple of them it will be more clear if it looks like on the photo. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I need help interpreting instructions for crocheting a hedgehog. In short, how do I make a bobble on two stitches? In more details: the text is as follows: There is a hint on how to make a bobble, and I get that part. I know that sometimes "bobble" is used to describe different things, so just in case I will rewrite what they mean by bobble: My question is: how would you all interpret the part about crocheting onto 2 stitches? On a single stitch, I would go 5 times through the same stitch to get a full bobble; should I just go 2 times through one stitch, and then 3 times through the next one? Or maybe each time I should pull a loop through 2 stitches? But then I would get 6 loops on my hook much faster... I'm confused. I tried to find some tutorials or instructions, but everyone make their bobbles on a single stitch. What do you think? PS. They use UK terminology here, so treble crochet here is double crochet in USA terminology.
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