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  1. Hi Granny Square, Yes I have run into that 'necessary evil' (LOL) a time or two....not anymore... I will always do a gauge swatch, so very important if you want your apparel to look right. Thanks for the paragraph about the gauge swatch, very good info. Wow my vest might turn out good with all your fabulous pointers you have given me. Thanks Granny Square
  2. Hi Jennie G, That is a really adorable pullover and I love the fact that I could make a vest also. The problem is I'm not intermediate, I'm still in the easy crochet stage. I might give it a try but it will be very challenging for me. Could I use any yarn? What size hook would I use? Thank you so much Jennie, I greatly appreciate it ☺️
  3. WOW!!! I didn't realize I could do a chain that way, you are so right in making a foundation a little longer than needed, can't wait to do this. Yes, I'm going to do the HDC, thank you so much for the video, I'll do the chain 1 and turn and HDC in each st. Thank you so much for all the wonderful info, you are a God send. ☺️
  4. Yes I am a Rav member and after a search it does look like she closed her selling business, but the pattern was for free. I also did a goggle search for up tempo vest and found that she did post on the crochetville back on April 4, 2012. She noted the vest is worked in two long strips then seamed together at the back and sides. She also noted that it was all done in HDC and that she used a L hook. I want to make my panels at least 10" wide, so my question is, how many foundation ch would I do? Should it measure 10"? Then would I hdc in the 4th chain from hook and hdc in each ch across, then turn? Then what? Thank you so much for all your info. I like your sizing idea.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm kind of new at crocheting and I found a vest that I really want to make, its the Up Tempo vest by Carol Wolf that I just love but its been deleted on Ravelry and Pinterest. I'm so hoping one of you wonderful crochet people can help me out. Thank you.
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