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  1. We had to shower in Jr High and we were giving a number I was 26 since they went in alphabet order we all would just round around the circle sprinklers real quick and gave our numbers as we came out for those monthly things we had to do a half shower and just wash under our arms real quick and state our number and say half shower. I really hated that shower thing let alone undressing in front of people.🤬
  2. I had the teachers daughter in my class for gym had her from grade school to jr high then they moved away so I didn't have her in High School we only had do do one year of gym in High School. I hated the dance and the gymnastics too. We went to a school in Wellington CO, that was good for grade school and jr high had to go to town for High School that was awaking because you never got to see your old school buddies two many different schools and people.
  3. That is really a beautiful blanket nice job, I also love the colors too.
  4. Too bad you can share the pattern on these especially the gray and blue blanket they are really very nice.
  5. Never heard of the drunken granny stitch that is interesting.🤨 They sure look pretty though.
  6. Thank you for your fast reply. 😀 I hope they clean the forum up a little more because it looks like they have repeat categories. Are you one of their monitors?
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