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  1. Too bad you can share the pattern on these especially the gray and blue blanket they are really very nice.
  2. Never heard of the drunken granny stitch that is interesting.🤨 They sure look pretty though.
  3. Thank you for your fast reply. 😀 I hope they clean the forum up a little more because it looks like they have repeat categories. Are you one of their monitors?
  4. Question: I see in the sponsor section where you can buy yarn and I see Yarnispirations, I have been using them to get my yarn from but do you get a discount if you tell them you are on this forum or is just showing you a place to buy yarn?🤔
  5. Where is that chatter in the cal's link? Sorry, didn't see it.🤨
  6. I hope I am posting this in the correct space I just joined because of that Raverly which I am no longer a part of and was looking for a forum that could help me when I get stuck. I am still just learning how to crochet and am trying to make blankets for the pets at the shelters. Note: The only way I found this forum was reading some comments in regards to why people left Ravelry.
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