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  1. The piece hanging out isn't an unfinished stitch. It's the tail from the cast on. I only needed to do 30 so I estimated with the yarn. I still don't know the right side from left. The pattern says Row 1 (RS) SI 1 knitwise. Which side of the needle is Right side from the long tail cast on? And why would it matter from the 30 cast on.
  2. Okay, I've started over now. So which side is which? My loops are on the left on the left needle and I stick the right needle in on the right side correct?
  3. I understand your 2nd post BUT when get the end of a row it's either an EXTRA knit or an EXTRA purl. OR I don't get to finish the sequence. So it will be ppp kk pp something like that. I have attached picture but they aren't very good. Right Side vs Wrong side: I have to start from the beginning and show you as listed in the picture. The LOOPS (Long tail) are the left side on the needle soooo when I start knitting my loops should be on the LEFT side of the left needle and I go in with my RIGHT needle. I just don't understand from the CAST ON point what does it matter about
  4. I am starting out with long tail cast on, so the bumpy side is the "wrong side" and the loopy side is the "right side" correct? The pattern wants me to start out on the Right side. I know the Knits from Purls but I just want to make sure that my understanding is correct since I am using the long tail cast on method. My "right side" loops will be on the left side of the left needle correct. I've started and started over a couple of times because it just loops like it's bumpy on both sides. I guess because the pattern alternates between knitting and purling on the same row.
  5. This project was sent to me under the topic of another project (Crochet) that I needed help with. I am learning to Crochet AND to Knit. I can't find any good Knit boards so I figured I'd just post this here. I am confused with the instructions that state Row 1 (RS) but then Row 2 there isn't anything. So I am to do the first row on the right side after I cast on. I'm not sure which side that is, the bumpy side of the loops only. But then Row 2 am I still suppose to be on the Right Side? In short, are the 1st paragraph of instructions suppose to be Right side working stitches or al
  6. Thank you ladies for the warm welcome! Happy crocheting!
  7. Thank you very much Granny Square for the information! I will attempt my Loose Beret once more and make the changes. Thank you as well Bgs for your help and compliment on my work. I like my Beret too! It actually fits really well and it's the proper size per the pattern 12". I just need to make some changes and Granny's advice was spot on. I was adding stitches because I didn't really see where the 1st stitch was. I'm still trying to figure it out with the circle design but I'm going to try again. I'll also be trying the Knitted Turban that Granny referenced since I am learning Knittin
  8. Thanks so much for your help Granny Square. I moved on to my 2nd project. An Extra Slouchy Beret and I was wondering if you could offer any feedback. I can SEE where I messed up. I skipped stitches. I used an 8mm hook instead of the 5.5 mm recommended. I also know that I messed up at the start when I was trying to create my loop or 1st round (17 stitches). I'm going to redo it better but I wanted some feedback 1st. My other big issue seem to be when to slip stitch. I either would slip stitch too early because the top seems to dip a bit and it kinda has a chipped cookie look. The
  9. @Villager - I like the Turban Knit pattern you posted yesterday. I'm actually trying to learn to Knit AND Crochet. I just scrapped the other project. It was too much of a pain. I've moved on to a Beret. (At least I hope.) Wish me luck. Thank you ladies!!!😁
  10. I'm just going to scrap this project. The curve at the bottom is the Ch 17 that I was worried about. The turban that you linked doesn't look like the one in the project photo at all. I see the twisting part that you are talking about but this pattern makes absolutely no sense. I'm just scraping this and trying for another project. It's marked as an "easy" skill level project but this really isn't as the directions just don't make a bit of sense. Thanks anyway. Novice Crocheter Project: Take 2
  11. Something is still off. This doesn't look right at all. (Work 2nd side) says to join yarn in 1st stitch following 1st side and sc in remaining 7 stitches. Then chain 1, turn and go down the next 30 rows. This means I am making one long rectangle. For my assembly this is just going to be a wrapped rectangle around itself. This isn't right. I could have just made a long rectangle there is not point to cut and then pick up the other side if it's just 1 long rectangle with a hanging piece in front.
  12. Thank you both for your posts it has been really helpful! @GrannySquare, you hit the nail on the head when you said there would be a piece hanging off the side because there sure is! (That's one of the reasons why I was so confused/thought the pattern was wonky.) I'm still working the pattern. Hopefully everything will turn out as pictured. Thanks again to you both!
  13. Thank you for your response. I still don't understand. So at the end of Row 18 I chain 17 and then to start Row 19 I chain 1 then turn. So I am just adding one more chain to Row 18 which will be 18 total chains and THEN I turn and do the 1st 8 stitches right? I can't make Row 19 unless I turn the work. (You stated I shouldn't cut the yarn or turn once I finish the last sc in Row 18. So I just chain 17 and then add 1 more turn and that will be Row 19 correct?)
  14. Hello, My name is Daisy and I have started to learn how to crochet over the past few weeks off and on. I am more dedicated now and am working on my 1st project: Turban Wrap. (I already posted a question about the pattern, hahahaha). I've been wanting to learn for many years now so I am excited to finally find a kit that was understandable to get some of the basics down. I hope to get to the point where I can crochet things without a pattern (by site or visual in my mind.) Wish me luck!
  15. ***** FIRST TIME CROCHETER. FIRST PROJECT ***** I don't understand this pattern. It's a Turban Wrap. (Top of Hat) Ch 17. Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across - 16 sc. Rows 2-18: Ch1, turn, sc in each st across. (Work 1st Side) Ch 17. Row 19: Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st 8 sts, leaving remaining 8 sts unworked. Rows 20-50: Ch1, turn, sc in each st across. Fasten off. (Work 2nd Side.) Row 1: Join yarn with sc in first unworked st following First Side, sc in remaining 7 sts-8sc. Row 2-32: Ch 1, turn, sc in eac
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