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  1. As for having someone to make stuff for I am saving up my projects (mostly amigurumi) to give to the county workers in my county to distribute to families that need christmas gifts or to use to help children that need a comfort toy.
  2. Having enough funds to afford my yarn obsession. I always run out at the worst time and can never afford the yarn for the projects I want to do the most...
  3. Thanks so much everyone! That would be my youngest Karma! She loves everything I make and can't wait to test it out! Her and her sister are my biggest joys for sure! To date this is my favorite piece I think...
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Rosie. I used to knit but started crocheting a couple years ago. I fell in love and quit knitting altogether! I jumped right into amigurumi and have created many of my own patterns! I just can't stop! That being said I am also unable to afford my yarn most of the time. I use it as therapy for several issues. It is my one true love outside my family. I just wish I knew where I could get inexpensive yarn. At the moment all I can afford is Wal-mart.... but am trying to find an online store that I can afford and has a good selection of colors. Anyone have some advice?
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