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    Crochet Pattern Designer
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    40 years
  1. If you could design a free tutorial on something you struggle with in crochet what would it be about?
  2. When it comes to crochet what is you biggest struggle or frustration? Mine is picking colors that go well together. Never could tell the difference between close colors. Sometimes I think a color wheel from the yarn manufactures would be nice.
  3. New to forums and just discovered this one while googling. I'm taking a business course with hopes to improve my crochet business (I'm on Etsy, Ravelry and have my own website) with new and unique products, but I'm stuck on fine tuning my niche. I think this is because the course is oriented toward business and not the craft field. Would it be okay to post a series of questions with the intent to get feed back and clarification?
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