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    Counting stitches

    Thank you the website you provided is so helpful
  2. Sunshine023

    Counting stitches

    Thank you so much this makes sense ☺️
  3. Sunshine023

    Counting stitches

  4. Sunshine023

    Counting stitches

    I am a beginner and trying to learn how to interpret crochet terminology and techniques. I have a round # 2 that reads: * SC 3, sc 2 in the next st; rep from * 3 more times. (20 sts) I think it's saying to single crochet 3 then 2 single crochet in the same spot (next stitch) and repeat 3 more times after the initial one for a total of 20 stitches. My question is by doing this, does the Sc 3 count as 3 individual stitches? Also does sc 2 in the next equal 1 stitch combined or 2 individual stitches? For example (sc 3 X 3 more times = 9 + first round of 3 sc =12) and (sc 2 in the next= 4 stitches) so 12+ 4=16 but doesn't equal the 20 stitches as shown in round #2. I hope I'm not confusing everyone with the math.