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  1. Hello all, So I understand basic patterns but I still get thrown by parenthesis and mostly asterisks. It seems when I got to this part in my pattern I may have repeated the wrong things because I didn't understand which sections it wanted me to repeat and how many times. Would it inconvenience anyone to translate one or all of these instructions so I can get unstuck?😢 Forgive a befuddled beginner! Thanks everyone!❤❤❤
  2. Granny Square oh THANK YOU!!! I have a tendency to overthink things and also you're correct, patterns are new to me but I really wanted to gauge to be correct so it comes out like it should! I appreciate your thorough breakdown and am so thankful for the quick response, I am very happy I joined Crochetville😃❤ Thank you much and I will try that! 🌈❄✌
  3. Hi everybody, I have an Etsy shop and I love vintage crochet! I live in an off-grid cabin in Alaska (I have a phone w/internet) and recreate vintage clothes, accessories and housewares! (Etsy.com/shop/AlaskaRedhead) I am dropping by to stay, but also have a question maybe someone can answer, I have a dress pattern from 1968 and I am stuck on the gauge instructions & feel a bit dumb lol, can anyone translate so I know how to proceed on my gauge swatch? It's an old pattern so maybe it's a misprint/typo, or maybe it's slightly above my head, mostly it's the first instruction. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated, I'm still learning! Thanks everybody 🌈❄
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