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  1. Lissa223

    ISO Sunbonnet Sue doll pattern

    OMG thank you so much! $2.99 is a whole lot more appealing than $25 on eBay!
  2. Looking for the bonus crochet doll pattern that came with the afghan pillow pattern that doesn't cost a small fortune Any help locating one reasonably priced would be much appreciated!
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    Thanks Terri!
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    Thanks Doll!
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    Thanks so much!
  6. Lissa223


    Stopped by to say Hello Just recently began to crochet again after 25yrs while in med recovery. Being on bed rest & meds that cause insomnia drove me to find something to keep busy & I stumbled upon some amigurumi YouTube videos and went crazy making a complete circus toy set (will always be a WIP, always new things to add) I've found a passion for freehand yarn-sculpting. After not finding the exact patterns I liked, I began pulling elements I did like from multiple patterns & creating freehand "mash-ups" to achieve the look I was going for. Can't wait to get to know everyone & see your awesome creations!
  7. Lissa223

    ISO 90's Lion Pattern

    Hi, I think you may be looking for the Annie's Attic Crochet Safari lion. The toys we're very large, measuring up to 2&1/2ft long. They were magazine insert patterns from the 80s, now out of print, I found the set of patterns on eBay recently, to make amigurumi circus animals