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  1. Ok, that makes sense. I had a row that I thought I did right only to find that at the end I'm 2 DC's off... time to rip out 200+ DC's ugh. I need to check my work more often so that doesn't happen any more.
  2. Ok so the mistakes I'v made don't make the project look much different, but it's bugging me that I'v had trouble to predict how many stitches the next row in the pattern should have. It seems that last row +4 should yield the stitch count but drawing it out it never works, the chain space row should be (stitch)/2 +2. I aparently can't count or can't do math, one of the two or maybe I'm just crap at drawing. In the end I will have shawl that is after steamed flat, but as I said this bugs me. I'm about 1/2 trough the project and it's looking pretty good despite the flaw or two every few rows, but if you know how the pattern row count formula should be let me know because it's kinda annoying me. Starting from the beginning I get 6, 14( as is the pattern), 12,38 24, 54... I may be wrong but when I write it down that's what I get. This is on paper, I don't have a program, and after that I'm getting weird numbers. Hence I can't draw right maybe. It just bugs me that I don't have a formula to predict the next row DC count. If anyone can help me with this pattern I would appreciate it but don't take a bunch of time , I'm gonna finish my shawl with mistakes or not.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone! BGS Me being new to this, I have certainly ripped out more stitch than I have successful. And Granny Square, I plan to keep with it , and I am counting every row now. it is certainly worth counting vs re crocheting. Ripping out more than one row is kinda saddening. but I will get through it! Onward and upward!
  4. Oh yeah I was suspecting that was going to be the only way-- to go slower. Oh and trust me, I'v been working on this for a few days now, and after ripping the whole thing apart about 4 or 5 times I'm finally happy with my first 12 rows. Lets hope I don't have to rip apart one of the last rows cause of a mistake, that would be a lot of work to rip out.
  5. I will try to upload a pic when I'm done, whenever that will be . Does anyone have tips for getting correct stitch counts. I like doing this while watching tv and often loose count, when I go back and count, I end up with ex: 24 dc's on one side and 22 on the other (it's a symmetrical pattern), resulting from a previous stitch what was a bit tighter than the others so i miss it. Then I usually have to remove the whole row and restitch to find the bugger. I don't know, it's just a bit of an annoyance and it slows me down. Oh and here is a pdf of the pattern I'm using, I'm not sure if I'm going to use the accent on the edges and I'm using 8 different solid color yarns, we'll see how it ends up coming out. Tristan 15b1050bdc88de4f008bbe44266c1cbb06059714.pdf
  6. Yeah you're right, I miscounted the ch1 skip next dc, dc in next dc instructions, and that messed up the next row. It's really easy to loose count on this thing, but I guess practice will help. Thanks Tristan
  7. I want to make this pattern, but when it gets to row 3 It seems to me that there are not enough stitches to allow the row to be formed. I am fairly new to crochet so any help would be great. Also the instructions frequently notate dc in next 2dc, which I am unfamiliar with, in row 2 I can only make it work with stitch number if I do instead (dc2 in next dc) instead of dc in next 2 dc which i think means dc in 2 next stitches.... In row 3 I run out of stitches as the pattern is written the way i interpret it, you would need Anyways, let me know if I am just not understanding what the instructions are saying or if they are confusing/ incorrect. Row 1: Ch 5, join with sl st in first ch to form ring, ch3 ( counts as dc). 2dc. ch2. 3 dc in ring, turn. ( 6 dc)-- seams straight forward row 2: Ch3 (counts as dc), 2dc in same st, dc in next 2dc, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next ch-3 sp, dc in nest 2 dc, 3dc in last dc, turn. ( 14 dc) --Also good Row 3 Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1 ), dc in same st, ( ch1, skip next dc, dc in next dc) 3 times, ch1 , ( dc, ch2, dc) in ch-2 sp, ch1, dc in next dc, ( ch1, skip next dc, dc in next dc) 3 times, ch1 , dc in same dc, turn. -- Not sure how this is supposed to fit The rest of the pattern is on https://downloads.lovecrafts.com/pdf/15b1050bdc88de4f008bbe44266c1cbb06059714.pdf?Expires=1556172051&Signature=PmmwlXZwymNm5pbQU4y0Y3rui51RkvsMGhVDtfyRqHAU-a--WVpuosL3Nf1qCMnLJvlNP017K~coDDpt6AkFk3NPNCeaV5II-7mgWL3TC7hBeSzyBeFc~nLS6YHmb64OoJPEzfMKsX3WniekZnJ8P53SkIPRM4-eDSv4ymnH55yYDwIWcRrpDUN8bn7mIazkbrTIov9SBj02fZtBT4KKrZoSaI3FU6CtMJ4EwS7HgEGPk6OTgt6NH9PTD3L8Ul6qS6xxDSgTSgtCEGbxZgTnAABPsz5JIh9FglvxknetNg9HeIkzFQpGFr7LsyL2JNoj8tj1g9tAuGeltFC1oGPRYw__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIBW2GKAJU2YWZVLA It's a free pattern, but I don't understan what they are trying to get me to do. Any help would be great
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