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  1. Thanks bgs. I’m in the UK. I’ve been sticking with UK patterns just now so I don’t have to convert
  2. Hi Granny Square Thank you for the warm welcome and taking the time to respond so thoroughly to my question. Thank you for writing out the instructions like that, they make much more sense now! And apologies, I should have said that I had only copy and pasted the bits that were confusing me. You are correct that there is the beginning part before the section I posted thanks again, I’m so thankful that I found this site! Now I’m off to rip back what I’ve done and add in those missing rounds! Ah well, it’s good practice!! thanks!
  3. Hi all I am a beginner and am working in an amigurumi pattern that is confusing me. The pattern says: dc 1 round. *dc2 into one dc, dc1 *repeat to end: 30 sts. dc 1 round. *dc2 into one dc, dc2 *repeat to end: 40 sts. dc 1 round. *dc2 into one dc, dc3 *repeat to end: 50 sts. dc 2 rounds. *dc2 into one dc, dc4 *repeat to end: 60 sts. dc 3 rnds. *dc2 into one dc, dc5 *repeat to end: 70 sts. dc 3 rnds. *dc2 into one dc, dc13 *repeat to end: 75 s The lines with dc 1 rnd/ dc 2 rnds / dc 3 rnds etc at the start are confusing me. Does it mean do what follows for 1/2/3 rounds? Or should I be doing a dc round in between the increasing round? Note the pattern in UK terminology. Or is the bit at the start of the line irrelevant? It has similar directions for decreasing: *dc2tog, dc13 *repeat to end: 70 sts. dc 4 rnds. *dc2tog, dc5 *repeat to end: 60sts. dc 3 rnds. *dc2tog, dc4 *repeat to end: 50sts. dc 1 rnd. *dc2tog, dc3 *repeat to end: 40sts. dc 1 rnd. *dc2tog, dc2 *repeat to end: 30sts. dc 1 rnd. *dc2tog, dc4 *repeat to end: 20sts. Stuff. Any help greatly received. Thanks!
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