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  1. megnan

    What is this stitch?

    Let me provide some more pictures. Thanks so much for the help everyone. My Grandma would be so happy to be able to use the pillows made by her late sister. 💜 In the third photo, my thumb is on the seam line.
  2. megnan

    What is this stitch?

    It looks like the pattern connects with 2 stitches to the right piece, a stitch in the middle, and 2 stitch to the left piece. (but who knows lol) Heres another photo that hopefully shows where she stopped connecting the pieces
  3. My great aunt passed away a few years ago and left my grandmother two pillow-cases that were unfinished. We have two squares for the front and back, but she didn't finish sewing up the seam. I can knit but crocheting is brand new for me. Can you guys help me figure out how to finish this seam and join the two squares? I've provided a picture here. The squares are yellow lined with brown. Shes crocheted the squares sides together using the stitching in brown going upward. Thanks a bunch! 😄