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  1. TerriScheff

    I have no clue, please help

    Thank you that helps a lot! I just couldn't figure out where the slip stitch would GO - below the 2 chains, and the reference info is vary helpful, as well. Thanks!
  2. TerriScheff

    I have no clue, please help

    Newbie - trying to crochet throw in granny squares. All going well until I get to round 5 in this pattern. https://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/WR1713.pdf Instructions read (slip st, ch 2, slip st) in the chain-2 space. Slip stitch? The only slip stitches I have used are to join new thread, or make rings? What & where do I slip stitch? Very confused, & I surely appreciate the help! Thanks Terri