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  1. Foxrocs

    Fleece backing

    Thank you I made a zookeeper blanket my stitching still needs a lot of practice so best to line to tidy the back of the blanket. i originally started a plain crochet back but due to the amount of color in the blanket it didn’t look good. I will try this technique tks😃
  2. Foxrocs

    Fleece backing

    I’ve made a baby blanket & I’m wondering how best to line the back with fleece? Should I stitch into the fleece first then join or is there a better way ?
  3. Foxrocs

    Border help

    You are worth your weight in gold 😀 yes that’s what I think I need to do a sc in the yellow before the grey ! Ive be so frustrated by this thank you so much 😊
  4. Foxrocs

    Border help

    Thank you it’s more the front rib were I’ll place buttons I’m struggling getting a nice edge im finding it hard to get a balance along the stitch working sideways if that makes sense
  5. Foxrocs

    Border help

    I’m going to have to redo the ribbing the ending was uneven any tips on making a straight rib?
  6. I’m a newbie & would like to try something like the picture. Would anyone have a similar pattern or video tutorial they are willing to share?
  7. Thanks for the support I know to the experienced eye it’s filled with flaws but each project is building my confidence & all the help is much appreciated
  8. Wow the detail you go into explain is amazing thank you so much cardigan finished pleased with how it looks & lots learned for next time on to sunflower granny squares next 😁
  9. Just spotted it has a video tutorial 🤣🤣🤣 i really need to read all the way through before asking questions oops is there way to calculate what yarn I’ll need considering a sunflower granny square blanket for a king size bed. I know a very ambitious for a fourth project 🤣 but I’ll give it a go
  10. Thank you you are so helpful so going my the pics below the bottom pic am I working to that stitch then chaining to the stitch on the top pic then stitching the back an doing the same on the other side ?
  11. https://daisyfarmcrafts.com/pink-single-crochet-baby-sweater/ its a baby cardigan I’m just trying to up skill a bit. It currently looks like a rectangle I’m guessing it folds over but it’s still not making sense to me. 💆🏼💆🏼💆🏼
  12. Can anyone help with this so do I put a stitch into the three first corner stitches then link To the next corner or just the middle stitch of the corner?
  13. Thank you I stuck with the original waffle stitch & a single color but reduced the size because after a few rows it became clear it was far too big. I’m really enjoying this project & for only my second project it’s instilling confidence to try more. It’s a great pattern for a beginner. I’m already considering how my next one could be improved. I think crocheting is gonna stick as a hobby 😀
  14. Thank you both I can’t view the links provided but thank you for taking the time to help. I picked up theses yarns I have 2 of each 400g each. I like the combination of colors. I’m new to crochet. I tried the waffle stitch & could do it. I’m open to other styles so any suggestions welcome
  15. https://amandaluisadesigns.com/2018/03/19/pattern-waffle-stitch-baby-blanket/ im thinking of doing this for my next project my question is would mixing colors work and if so on what row for colour change work ie every second row or 4th etc
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