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    Amigurumi, small give aways
  1. I have been crocheting for quite some time now but every now and then I still need to look up for example how many times I have to yarn over for a specific stitch. Mostly, because I work German and English patterns and I just get confused with the names. That's why I wrote the free Alexa Skill My Stitchionary This skill quickly reminds you how to work a given stitch. It even knows the most common abbreviations of stitches in various languages and tells you it's according name in English. This saves yourself the hassle of searching for the term, reading through lengthy articles
  2. Hi all, I am Klarinettchen and I started crocheting a few years ago. I also tried knitting but I definitely prefer crocheting! I love browsing pinterest and finding new ideas for what to make. Normally I work on smaller projects like amigurumi or hats and scarfs but recently I started working on a sweater. I also like to program. I hope to get feedback on any crochet related programs I wrote that might help crocheters. Greetings!
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