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  1. This tree skirt made with Tunisian Knit Stitches mainly gives it a beautiful knit look and the pattern is easy to memorize so I didn’t have to look at the instructions while working on it. What makes it even better is that I carried the yarn in the back so I had very few ends to weave in! This pattern is fully customizable too, you can make it in any size depending on what the size of your tree is. I have included a chart in the pattern with the recommended tree skirt size for different tree sizes. Free pattern here - https://knitterknotter.com/easy-christmas-crochet-tree-skirt-free-
  2. @Granny Square I didn't know of Dorset buttons, they look amazing! Thank you for sharing these links with me!
  3. @Beverooni, that's great to know! I really like them and have been using them in some of my other projects too!
  4. The best part about the Tunisian Rainbow Fringe scarf is that there are no ends to weave in!! This is a perfect autumn make since you can use whatever colors you like. The main color tones down the rainbow colors and the back will still pop with color, so you can wear the scarf any way you wish! https://knitterknotter.com/tunisian-rainbow-fringe-scarf-by-roeska/
  5. This beautiful shawl designed by Andrea Cretu is beginner friendly and works up really quickly since it is made with Aran weight yarn. The shell border is beautiful and since it is made with treble stitches mostly, it has a lovely drape too! Free pattern here - https://knitterknotter.com/easy-crochet-shawl-pattern-dove-wings-by-andrea-cretu/
  6. @Granny Square Thank you! I am glad you like them, I enjoyed making the buttons and they worked out great for these slippers I hope you will enjoy making them!
  7. This pair of Kritika slippers is super easy to make, all you need is a rectangle! Once you have a rectangle, there is a little bit of shaping needed. It is very easy, I promise! I also added a crocheted button to each slipper and I think it looks really cute! This pattern uses only Tunisian Simple Stitches so it is perfect for beginners!! It is possible to make them with any combination of colors. I changed color after every row but if you’d rather make it with a single color, that would work great too! These slippers are really quick to make since you are only making r
  8. Thank you Moz! I am glad to hear that you like these slippers. If you are a beginner, I recommend trying to make a small swatch of the Tunisian Simple Stitch with a yarn that you are most comfortable with. That will help you figure out how to maintain tension and get your stitches to be even. Once that's done, these slippers will be easy to make! I also have a video tutorial to help with all the tricky parts. If you have any questions along the way or to share pictures (I'd love to see what you make), please feel free to reach out to me (knitterknotter@gmail.com). ~ Arunima
  9. Have you tried making slippers using Tunisian crochet? Because of the nature of the craft, the fabric that is built is very dense and is perfect for making slippers! I started this project as an experiment to try shaping with short rows. It turned into these lovely slippers that I’ve been using to keep my feet warm during chilly spring days! This pattern uses only Tunisian Simple Stitches and takes advantage of short rows to shape the slippers. This is a fairly quick project and, since it comes in 9 sizes, it is a perfect for making a set for yourself and your little ones! At th
  10. These crochet buttons are super easy to make and work up in less than 5 minutes. The pattern includes a photo tutorial and (left and right handed) video tutorials. https://knitterknotter.com/how-to-crochet-a-button-in-5-minutes-free-pattern/
  11. Are you ready to start working on some spring patterns? You can make it with any yarn and stitch combination and all you need to make is a rectangle! https://knitterknotter.com/origami-friendship-bag/
  12. Quick and easy mug cozy pattern for Valentine's Day if Tunisian crochet is on your mind https://knitterknotter.com/easy-tunisian-crochet-mug-cozy-free-pattern/
  13. This blanket was designed primarily for teaching the basics of Tunisian crochet. The squares are in order of complexity and start with Beginner level stitches leading into Advanced Beginner techniques towards the end. It was a part of a CAL that I hosted in 2020. All the squares have been released and the complete free pattern is available on my blog: https://knitterknotter.com/tunisian-sampler-blanket-cal-weekly-updates/
  14. Hello! I am excited to share my latest pattern with you all - Prerna scarf. This pattern is made up of 8 sections that can be put together in any order to build a scarf. You could skip a section or two or make the same one twice if you’d like! Free pattern here - https://knitterknotter.com/prerna-scarf-free-tunisian-crochet-pattern/
  15. Are you excited about Christmas this year? When I started designing these ornaments, I was trying to make ugly sweaters but these turned out to be more cute than ugly These are super easy to make and work up in less than an hour each. They are perfect to get you in a festive mood and you will have a cute gift ready in no time! Free pattern here: https://knitterknotter.com/christmas-gift-card-holder-ornament-free-crochet-pattern/
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