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    Blanket Help

    No idea what to search for so was unsure where to place this but... I am trying to crochet a blanket of my own design using some stitches I like. The blanket should end up looking like the attatched sketch eventually. I am hoping that I can basically crochet the bulk of the blanket, (at least half of it), and then crochet in the start of the coloured 'diamond'. I want to avoid crochetting the diamond seperately and avoid having to tie off and cut the coloured thread row by row. Is there a way I can crochet in the 'diamond' without breaking the thread? Currently the only solution I can think of is to cut the diamond in half length ways, or a quarter, and crochet of it into the main white blanket background, and then do the other half/quarter. I hope this makes sense and would really appreciate any help. Thanks!
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