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  1. Well Bob it's GREAT, I think you outdid yourself on this one! I didn't see the one you made back in July until just recently but it's wonderful too. This one though is the best in my opinion. If I'm ever in Groveport, OH I'll keep my eyes peeled for that red and cornmeal Handy Bag though....lol!! I didn't do any tapestry work until just a couple of weeks ago myself. I made my husband a zombie lunchbox hat to wear on the zombie walk this weekend. My work doesn't come close to yours though, you are the master!!!! It IS nice to give someone something nice that you've made though. I give hats, they all ask me for hats. I just had a second cousin write to ask me for hats last week. I LOVE IT!! I'm a very Happy SuburbanHooker!
  2. It's holding up great Bob, I use it almost daily to tote my projects back and forth to my dad's at night. I've used it at the Farmers Market and I've used it for luggage on weekend trips. It's been washed and dried more than once and held up perfectly!! I've been using it almost daily for how many years now?? 4 maybe? I'm pretty sure it will be around longer than I am, I call it The Iron Star while I am slowly becoming an old handbag.........LOL!!!
  3. Wow Bob, I didn't think it was possible for your work to get even better but it looks like it has!! Good job on it, your friend is a lucky lady! I hope it's first shopping trip was a success too! Good to see you!
  4. Wow, you're like a crochet superhero.....wish I could hook that fast!!
  5. I've seen a pic of Bob carrying this bag....it's not only beautiful, it's HUGE!! Another great bag Bob!
  6. I'm working my way through April Draven's hat patterns. This one is my version of her Forest Goblin Hat to which I've added a "vine" and a couple of leaves. It's a bit more difficult than the average hat but nothing too hard to figure out.
  7. I LOVE this one and always mean to make it and then something else gets my attention. I really like this one Bob it's fantastic. You're killing me Bob!!! LOL
  8. You know how many times I've seen this and until you actually told me there were brown birds facing the opposite direction, I ONLY saw the blue ones...LOL!! I really like this bag. One of these days....
  9. Great sets, I like the black bottom ones best myself. I really like the pooling in the pink set....very cool. Nice work!
  10. YES YOU DO!!!! Everyone has a Bob bag, except Bob!! I still tote my patriotic stars bag around all the time. It's amazing to me how far you've come. Compare that one to this......impressive!! I love that you're willing to challenge yourself like this. This bag is well worth the mat/frame and shipping charges, your friend is getting your best work yet!!
  11. Love it, what a great way to use those t shirts I never wear....hmm.... Anyhow I think it looks great, you did a great job on it!
  12. Wow it's gorgeous!! I'm sure the bride will be beyond happy with it! Nice job!
  13. Love Love Love the colors you used here, they're GREAT!! It looks VERY sturdy. What a nice bag!
  14. Another wonderful bag! I'm having fun working on my kitty bag!! Thanks Bob!
  15. They're FABULOUS....as I have said many times before.....lol!! You're quite an inspiration Bob, believe me I would have NEVER tried TC if not for you.....thanks a million!!
  16. Thank you all, I'm happy that you like it. I am making a taller Owliver for my new phone to sleep in at night.
  17. Wow, really nice!! I haven't seen that color before. I like it very much!! Great afghan!
  18. Very cool....great way to use up some scraps. It has a very vintage appeal!! Nice job!
  19. Oh he's so cute!! He turned out wonderful Nikka!! Now you will probably find the other Fuze and need to make him a mate...LOL!! Thank you for posting the pattern link....much appreciated!!!
  20. That is gorgeous! I'm sure your nephew and his wife will treasure it!
  21. Great job!!! Hope you didn't have to do any frogging!!
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