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    not sure yet -- I'm a beginner
  1. Thank you for your detailed reply. Very appreciated.
  2. Instruction questions: 1. R1: 12 chain, slip stitch in 1st chain. My question: does the slip knot count as the 1st chain? Or do they mean 1st chain after the slip knot? 2. R4: 2 chain, 2 single crochet (in next 2 chain loop) in 3rd chain loop: (1 sc, 3 ch, 1sc) (3 ch, 1 sc) (3 ch, 1 sc) So, my question is about the repetition: do I always do 2 2-chain loops and then a 3-chain loop, and then 2 2-chain loop or After the first set of 2 chain 2sc of 2 loops, do I alternate as (1) 3-chain, (1) 2-chain, (1) 3-chain, (1) 2-chain loops? 3. I also have a bunch of questions regarding joining, but I'll ask those when I get there. Here's a link to the youtube tutorial for your reference: Thank You All!
  3. I'm a beginner at crochet and also forums for that matter. Just started this week. Enjoying it, but lots of questions, hence I've registered here. Found great youtube videos that I've learned a bit from. My first project is a table cloth that I saw for beginners on youtube. I've got a question on the instructions so I thought I'd post it here - I'll do a separate post for that.
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