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  1. Co11

    Introducing myself

    Hi Anna!
  2. Co11

    Introducing myself to Crochetville

    Hi CaroleP, great to have another newbie here! I have recently joined the site too. Hopefully, we can help each other as I'm also relatively new to crochet but loving it! 😊
  3. Co11


    Hi all! 😊
  4. Co11

    Help with instructions!

    Thank you!😊
  5. Co11

    Help with instructions!

    Thank you It's so nice to have all this help at hand! 😊
  6. Co11

    Help with instructions!

    Hi, another question! Does dc2tog class as 2 stitches as well? Thanks!
  7. Co11


    Hello, great to be part of the forum!
  8. Co11


    Thank you, it's good to be here! 😊
  9. Co11

    Help with instructions!

    Thank you both!
  10. Hi, please could someone help with the following; *dc4, 2dc in next st*. Repeat around (30 sts) I get the dc4, 2dc in next st.....but does 2dc in next st count as one st or two? Not sure if you repeat in the same stitch it is counted as one or more stitches? Hope that makes sense?!!!🙁 Thanks!
  11. Co11


    Hi, I am a newbie with crochet and so still learning, looking forward to learning more from you all! 😊