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  1. Ah. That would make 126. Thank you.
  2. So, I've picked up a bates hook and have noticed a significant difference in my stitches. For me it's much easier to pull the yarn through, but more difficult (slightly) to catch the yarn over. I still keep my stitches to tight, but I'm still figuring out the tension aspect of this business. I guess I'm still sort of in macramé mode with keeping everything tight - really making some of this learning curve very steep. I'll keep after it though. Another question I have that's a bit off this topic is the instruction I found in a blanket I would like to try (attached). The instruction say to chain 128. So I should have 128 chains and my hook in a loop at the end, right? No problem, but row 1 is double-crochet in 4th chain from hook (aka skip 3 ch, right?) and in each chain to the end. The instruction say that I should have 126 double crochet stitches. How does that add up? If I have 128 chains and then skip 3, that leaves me with 125 doesn't it? What am I missing? Easy Double Crochet Baby Blanket.pdf
  3. I was noticing something of the "bates v boye" issue yesterday. I was having a lot of trouble getting the hook back through my stitches and noticed that the hook is offset from the midline of the shaft and a bit tapered on the back - almost as if it is meant to be sort of pivoted on the back of the hook when pulling the loop back through the stitch. I was thinking there was something wrong with the hook. I was considering grinding off the top of the hook. Now you tell me it's supposed to be that way. As an engineer, I have to wonder why. Someone obviously made it that way for a reason. I think I'll pick up one of the bates hooks and see if that helps. I didn't pick up on any of the stuff you mentioned about the video, but I'll watch again and look more closely. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Granny, thank you for the reply. Yes, I was speaking of staring with the chain and then working into that. I was assuming there was a right/wrong way to do this. So, if I'm not working to a pattern, then it doesn't really matter which I choose, I guess. So, I'll try both and see which one I like better. I'm not working to any pattern as I just want to see if I can even do this. I have tried knitting and macrame (I know they are vastly different) and I think part of my problem is that I tried macrame first and that I'm an old man and an engineer. The idea that knots and stitches should be loose just does not compute. I like my knots tight and that causes problems trying to pull the hook through and makes knitting almost impossible. Like I'm trying to squeeze the life out of the needle kinda thing. Tension is a problem - most of it seems to be in my shoulders right now as I think I'm working way too hard at this. Anyway. Thank you for the tips. I'll give this a whirl tonight and let you know how it goes. I want to start working on a beginner blanket I saw in this video: Beginner Crochet Blanket, Full Class I might be able to manage that if I can get the first row figured out and not wind up with a tangled unrecognizable mess like I did when I tried knitting.
  5. Ok, so please pardon my complete ignorance, but I only started with the crocheting 3 days ago and already I've run into something I don't understand. I've been watching videos and trying to follow along and have been having limited success. I'll keep trying. Here's the current issue. In some videos I see that the first single crochet is 'fed' into the the stitch and only captures the top of the 'V'. In other videos I see that the stitch captures the top of the 'V' and the bar across the back of the 'V' in the rear of the work. I hope this makes sense to you folks. I don't know any other way to describe what I'm seeing. The question then is this. Which one is the correct way to make the stitch? Does it matter? Are they bother right? Is it a matter of preference? When following a pattern (this is a long way off for me I suspect) will it say to use one or the other? I know that's a lot of questions, but I just don't understand why one has it one way and other has it the other. It's confusing and I hope you folks have the answer. Thank you for any help you can offer.
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