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    I've been crocheting since I was 6, but really got into it this year.
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    Kensington, CT, USA
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    crochet!!!, knitting, reading, food/cooking, movies, music
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    hats, scarves, gloves. small things, i get bored fast.
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    been crocheting since 1988
  1. thank you :-) being listed on your site is the #1 way people find my blog. i really appreciate CPC and what you do :-D
  2. you may be thinking "what's a zill?" it's a finger cymbal. i belly dance and i recently purchased my first set of zills. after learning how to work with them i had a splitting headache b/c the tiny things are so loud! if i wanted to practice with them, i would need to make up some covers for them. so as soon as i got home i found my crochet thread and my steel hook and looked at a few patterns and pictures of zill covers so i could get the basic structure. i posted the back story, pictures, and pattern on my blog. i think they came out very well for my 3rd thread project and my first attempt at designing using thread! click here to view my pretty petaled zill covers the pattern will soon be featured on CPC!!!
  3. Hey all I finally was able to peg down a date for the next meeting... Date: Thursday, 02-22-07 Time: 7pm Location: Starbucks 613 Queen Street Southington, Connecticut 06489 (it's right off I-84, looking at the map, it's next to the highway) so please spread the word! see you there! *** NOTE: please do not PM me on here... i no longer use crochetville except to post SnB announcements. if you wish to contact me please email me at lizann82 at gmail dot com thanks!
  4. got your email... and FL was great! it was cold, but it was fun. and was much too short! see you on the 31st!
  5. I know you're itching to know when our first meeting of the new year is going to be, and I have finally been able to set a date. Date: Wednesday, January 31st Time: 7pm Location: Borders at the Westfield Shopping Town in Meriden (aka: the Meriden Square mall, off I-691 near the Chamberlain Hwy/rt 71A entrance). We'll be in the cafe. Please bring your WIPs, any FOs you want to show off, patterns to share, friends or family members who also knit/crochet... anything else you can think of. Also, please bring any ideas for future meeting spots, events, activities, projects, etc that you can think of. Please email me at lizann82 at gmail dot com to let me know you're coming! (will cancel if i do not get more than 2 people confirmed) Thanks!!! ~liz fearless leader of SnB New Britain.
  6. very cute!! i tried to post on your map, but it doesn't zoom in enough for me to find my tiny state! (i'm in Connecticut) can i add you to my blogroll? you can add me (link is in my signature)
  7. iSiSfae

    First Amigurumi!

    i agree... he is cuter than the original! nice job! isn't making amigurumi so much fun! i love it! (it's also a great way to destash all your scrap)
  8. i've been doing just that here and at craftster.org but i know how great a resource the members here are so i thought it wouldn't hurt to ask thanks for the suggestion!
  9. i have a few simple patterns on my blog that you can try http://knewenglandknitter.wordpress.com they are US patterns as I live in the US other easy patterns to try... the amigurumi patterns (small, stylized stuffed animals) from katcrochet.com (US) i'm making the bunny right now and it's really, really, easy and very cute i don't know of any British patterns... but i find some great patterns using google... maybe if you googled "free UK crochet patterns" you might find some good luck!
  10. thanks! those are great! anyone else know of any more?
  11. i've been wanting to make some amigurumi dolls for a while now and am having trouble hunting down free patterns that are in English. since my Japanese sucks and can't really read hiragana and kanji very well, i really need the English translations. i know about katcrochet.com, i have a few of her patterns. (working on Aiko the Amigurumi Bunny right now, it's too cute!) does anyone know of any other free amigurumi patterns out there???? thanks!
  12. Gleda oh that sucks! i hope you've found your keys! as wendy said... we'll be meeting again in January. i enjoy the meetings too much to let the group fade away
  13. the one me and my knitting friends make fun of the most is S.E.X. .Stash .Enrichment eXpidition UFO is the one that throws off my family the most. and they all just figured out that LYS means Local Yarn Shop "Looks like I'm going to the LYS for some S.E.X. or this WIP will soon become a UFO!" is a phrase that gets thrown around during my offline crochet group meetings. the looks we get from the other people at the coffee shop are priceless.
  14. awwn!!! *hugs* i hope you get better... and you could just freeform until your better, just so you'll have something to do. get well soon! and really... what is the difference between peaches & cream and sugar 'n cream?
  15. i love this book... the pattern are okay, but mistake ridden. i manage to work my way around them though as i'm pretty experienced. the instructional part of the book is good and worth the money. i bought this book and read it and i managed to improve my crocheting by doing so. it's the first instructional guide that i actually liked reading b/c Debbie Stoller is not condescending like so many other instructional writers are. i am upset for you that they led you on to think that there were more patterns than in actuality. and that's wrong for them to not include those missing patterns b/c the yarn wasn't available in the Netherlands/Holland. i can't believe that they didn't research the yarn available there to come up with suitable replacements. every time i've made a pattern from the book, i've never used the suggested yarn... because i don't have an LYS that sells expensive yarn, i'm stuck with craft store yarn... so instead of Classic Elite mohair for the Cold Shoulders Capelet, i use Patons Divine mohair blend (it worked just as well!). i've never even seen Classic Elite yarns and a lot of the high end yarns suggested! and i even made a hat from there using wool ease instead of the suggested red heart and it came out just fine. i guess the publishers don't understand the concept of yarn switching. good luck w/ getting the complete pattern list!
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