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  1. Granny Square, I hope I did this correctly. I used 28 yards for a 6" square times 4 is 112 yards times 54 is 6048.
  2. Thank you, Granny Square. Your math skills are better than mine but I understand it & it makes perfect sense. I always buy extra because I learned the lesson about dye lots the hard way. Many Thanks!
  3. I am getting ready to start a project for my Grandaughter & need help figuring how much yarn I need. The swatch I made has 5 rows in 2" & 8 stitches in 2". I know how to figure out how many chains to start & how many rows I need. What I don't know is how much yarn I need. Her blanket will be 81"W x 96"L. I have a photo but do not have a pattern for it but it is simply rows of HDC in back loop only. Can someone help me with this?
  4. Good afternoon Folks. My name is Peggy but most people on the internet know me as MamaWolf. I just returned to crocheting after 10+ years away from it. Wow! Crochet has evolved a lot & I have loads of questions. I am so glad to find a place with answers.
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