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  1. Those are adoraable! Wish I had a baby to make some for...well...wish somebody I know had a baby! Judy
  2. Sounds cute! I'll have to try it. Thanks! Judy
  3. I made some large bells for a wedding without a pattern...just got the size styrofoam bells I needed and crocheted until it fit. I used two strands of #10 thread, one silver, one white. Hope this helps! Would love to see the topper when you finish. It sounds beautiful. Judy
  4. What I do is write the name out on paper in the size, style I want, or print it off in a nice font from the computer. Then I have used disappearing markers (in the sewing department) and transferred the letters to the project. These markers disappear in a few hours, so you can't be too slow! I have used pearl cotton, crochet cotton, embroidery floss, and yarn to embroider names. Hope it helps! Judy
  5. That's a great scarf! I have copied things by drawing out on graph paper for shape, or just crocheting until I get it right (if you do this, remember to take notes!). It's easier to convert if you have the knitting pattern, use stitches to give you the same gauge, and follow the increases and decreases using crochet stitches instead of knitting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's frogged. lol Judy
  6. That's beautiful work! Wish I had the brain capacity to do that! Judy
  7. That's wonderful news! Congratulations! Judy
  8. Took a peek and they're beautiful! Thanks! Judy
  9. Love that bag! My daughter likes it, and she hates everything! Thanks! Judy
  10. Congratulations! Bet your're walking on clouds! I love all your patterns. Judy
  11. I know exactly the stocking you're talking about...we had some, too. The beard was loop stitched, right? It was out of an old book, and my aunt made all the kids one. I haven't seen it online, but I'll look through the old books and see if I can come up with something. Judy
  12. Yes, I did...that's where I found the knit patterns. I found some nice crochet mitten patterns, but none in thick & quick. Thanks! Judy
  13. I looked, but haven't seen any. You could chart the name on graph paper and crochet it in that way, if the gauge is small enough. Hope this helps a little and I'll keep looking. Judy
  14. Does anyone know of a mitten pattern using Woolease Thick & Quick? The only ones I have found are knit. I made a bunch of hats for the family, and didn't think I'd have a problem finding a pattern for mittens to match. I'll knit them if I have to, but won't like it. lol Thanks in advance. Judy
  15. That's adorable! Be careful...candy canes can be addicting. Judy
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