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  1. Hi Lydia, thank you for your reply, im really stuck on one section of the pattern as I think I have over increased as the hole is a bit big for the pattern as the body calls for 12 stitches in to the The head and mine is bigger is this where the uncounted round of slip stitches come in or is that the second half
  2. On this pattern I am using it says to change to the jumper yarn colour and to dc into each stitch to the end 12 stiches. Now the problem I have with this is that the head of the animal still seems to have a hole where the stuffing is? It doesn’t say anywhere in the pattern how big the hole should be and if it should be closed up and then it says to work an uncounted round of slip stitches? What does this mean? Also my dc2tog seems to have a flatter shape the the top half of the head which is all increasing stiches the head appears to be a basic ball pattern on the pattern it also says it it crocheted in one peice from head to toe. I’m finding this pattern rather difficult as I’m still a beginner, I know the basic stiches double and treble crochet and stitch2together and I’m familiar with slip stich but am still relitively new to half treble crochet can anyone help me on this ?
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